Dr. Fred Brooks graduated from BYU’s McKay School in 1978 with his Ed.D. in educational administration. He spent his life teaching parks and recreation courses, mentoring students and professionals while also planning and directing parks projects and managing park resources.  Mr. Brooks passed away in 2017.

Throughout his distinguished career he has been recognized by institutions, organizations, agencies, students, the public and most of all by his professional peers as one of the foremost leaders in the field and parks and recreation management and education.  The numerous certificates, awards and recognitions he has received through the years are a reflection of his peers love and appreciation for his good work.

It is for this reason that the California Park and Recreation Society, Development and Operations Section has created the CPRS Development and Operations Section Fred A. Brooks Scholarship, awarded annually to a college student (s) pursuing and education leading to a professional career in the field of parks and recreation resource planning, design, construction or management.

Brooks’ efforts have positively impacted many communities. Brooks developed more than 100 master plans for parks and recreation facilities of Northern California. Throughout his career Brooks showed his interest and concern for his students and took great interest in his students’ success in park projects and in future academic endeavors. He advocated for funding for student scholarships and fellowships by averaging more than $1 million a year in grants and contracts used to further his students’ learning experiences. He also headed the California Parks and Recreation Scholarship Foundation for 20 years to help students receive an education in the parks and recreation field.

As shown in his accomplishments he has used his time and talents to build up his students and the communities in which he has worked.  Here is a short list of Fred Brooks professional accomplishments and honors:

  • Director, City of Davis, Department of Parks and Community Services, 1969–1973.
  • Graduate of Brigham Young University, Ed.D., 1978
  • Professor, then Emeritus Professor, Department of Recreation and Parks Management, California State University, Chico, 1976–2000.
  • Exceptional Advance Planner and Special Projects Director, CSU, Chico Research Foundation; field projects that were subsequently funded and developed for recreation areas owned by the California Tahoe Conservancy, the Lassen National Forest, and the Louisiana Pacific Corporation, Clotilde Merlo Park, 1976–2008.
  • Coordinator, Parks and Natural Resources Management Division, CSU, Chico, 1977–1982.
  • Chairman, Department of Recreation and Parks Management, CSU, Chico, 1982–1985.
  • Project Director, CRF USFS Lassen National Forest, Recreation Permit Operations, 1984–2004.
  • Lead planner for the California Tahoe Conservancy (1988-1999) where he and his students researched and planned recreation areas on the California side of Lake Tahoe.
  • Professor and chairman of the Department of Recreation and Parks Administration. Wrote and achieved the department’s accreditation.
  • Acting Director, City of Chico, Parks and Recreation, 1989–1990.
  • President and Member, Board of Directors, Chico Area Park and Recreation District.
  • CPRS District 2 Hall of Fame, 2008
  • Elected by students to the California State University (CSU), Chico Hall of Honor as a “Legacy Faculty” member, a recognition given only to the “best of the best” of all retired CSU Chico faculty. 2012
  • Received California Parks and Recreation Professional Fellowship Award and was inducted in the organization’s Hall of Fame in 2012.
  • Awarded a lifetime honorary membership for his service on the California Parks and Recreation Commissioners Association Board of Directors. March 2013
  • President and Professional Consultant, RPM: Recreation/Education Resource Planning, Design and Management, Chico, California.