As the Section endeavors to provide excellent information, programs, services and resources; raise funds to support research and scholarships; and, be deeply responsive to our members and the membership will engage with the Section and become a force-multiplier to increase the impact of CPRS and drive the advancement of the park development and operations profession.


We encourage the creativity of park professionals toward the strategic application of resources.

The Section takes initiative and acts effectively and creatively to respond to the needs of its members and to opportunities in the field of park development and operations.  We are not satisfied with the status quo and strive to advance the profession and improve the Section and the Society.  Our resourceful nature compels us to seek opportunities to adapt and evolve to better serve our members and respond to their need for timely information and relevant education and training.  We use what we have to get the job done. We solve problems and think outside the box to facilitate the evolution of our organization and the industry.


We develop the park professionals and the technical knowledge to achieve excellence in park development and operations and influence the direction of the industry.

 The Section seeks to be a recognized leader in the delivery of information, education and training to professionals in the field of park development and operations.  We develop opportunities for members to become leaders both inside and outside Society to facilitate these goals.  We develop professional training programs that convey the importance of integrity and ethical standards and prepare members with the interpersonal skills, technical knowledge and practical experiences to become responsible citizens and transformative leaders in their field, their organization and their community.


We prepare park professionals and organizations to anticipate and answer industry challenges of today and tomorrow.

The Section will provide opportunities to empower members to find creative and resourceful solutions to industry and organizational problems and in that way contribute to the Society and the profession. We will focus our efforts on solving the most critical industry challenges of the day and empower our members to become primary agents of change in their profession and their community.  We provide access to technology and transferable skills to give our members the power to create and share transformative ideas and information in the most efficient ways possible.


We enable the connection of information and ideas with park professionals and organizations to optimize the potential positive impacts to the industry. 

The Section stresses communication as a priority with an emphasis on transparency and sharing of everything we do as means to inform and engage our Membership and advance the profession. We believe clear, intentional, and effective communication and feedback is the most effective way to generate a synthesis of ideas, a consensus for action and to assure alignment with Section, CPRS Board and Headquarters policies and initiatives.  We will consciously take steps to improve and expand our communication abilities though the use of new and evolving communications mediums.


We facilitate creation, acquisition and dissemination of information and knowledge that most meaningfully impacts park professional development and industry progress.

The Section is actively engaged in gathering industry-related facts, information and tools important for the success of our membership and the advancement of our profession. We anticipate industry trends and translate them into educational and training opportunities for our members.  We apply our deep industry knowledge, experience and organizational resourcefulness to connect our members to innovative and sustainable solutions.  We are industry experts and thought leaders, sharing our insights and business intelligence to help shape the future of park development and operations in California.


We pursue collaboration with individuals and organizations to expand the range and number of educational opportunities for our members; increase our influence; and, heighten the prospects for devising new advancements in the industry.

 The Section’s initiatives and activities depend upon our ability to successfully forge partnerships with other Society Districts/Sections, and industry affiliated businesses and organizations.  We will synergistically engage the expertise, experience, and implementing capacity of complimentary organizations to leverage their power to create new educational and training opportunities, events and activities and to launch initiatives and achieve solutions to industry problems which none could accomplish alone.