Scholarship Information and Award Criteria

CPRS Development and Operations Section – Fred Brooks Scholarship

Update September 10, 2015


The Brooks Scholarship was created by the CPRS Development and Operations Section in the name of Fred A. Brooks EdD,  an outstanding educator, park and recreational resource planner and manager and organizational administrator.  The purpose of the scholarship is to bring attention to his accomplishments and dedication to his field of endeavor as an example for others and to support the education and development of young professionals in fields of study related to the planning, design, construction and management of public spaces, parks, and natural resources.

Method of Award

The CPRS Development and Operations Sections Section Fred A. Brooks Scholarship(s) is given annually, when funding is available, by the California Parks and Recreation Scholarship Foundation, according the processes administered by that body.  The award is made at the CPRS Annual Conference and Expo.  Proposed awardees are presented to the Development and Operations Sections Section Board of Directors for review and approval prior to award.  Proposed awardees must meet the criteria for award as established by the CPRS Development and Operations Board of Directors and modified from time to time.

Required for Acceptance

Working with the Development and Operations Scholarship Chairman, the awardee agrees to fulfill the following requirements to provide the opportunity to introduce and bring recognition to the awardee and in doing so further the development of the awardees network and career:

  • To provide the Development and Operations Section with a letter of acceptance for its archives and for the Section to be able to enter the name of the scholarship recipient on its “Scholarship Honor Roll” and place that name and a picture/bio on the Section webpage.
  • To attend the scholarship award ceremony at the CPRS Annual Conference and Expo.
  • To attend the Annual Development and Operations Section General Meeting Breakfast at the CPRS Annual Conference and Expo.
  • To attend and be recognized as the Fred Brooks Scholarship recipient at CPRS District, Region and Section activities during the year of the award.

Scholarship Criteria

Scholarship awards shall consider the following criteria.  Awardee must be:

  • An active CPRS member in the Development and Operations or Student Section;
  • A current full time undergraduate or graduate college student in good standing;
  • Majoring (bachelors) in one of the following areas:
    • Arboriculture
    • Agronomy
    • Sports Field Management
    • Landscape Architecture
    • Natural Resources
    • Construction Management
    • Resource Management
    • Facility Management
    • Nursery Management
    • Urban Planning
    • Landscape Irrigation Science
    • Related Field
  • Majored in one of the above and is currently studying for a masters degree in:
    • Public Administration
    • Urban Planning
    • Leadership Management
    • Related Field
  • And currently working, full time or part time or seasonally with a public agency (seasonally may be considered if with a public agency for two seasons or more).