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Park Development and Operations Symposium

The Board of the CPRS Development and Operations (D&O) Section continues to evolve and improve upon it’s annual educational program with the introduction of the Park Development and Operations Symposium to be held on Tuesday, March 13, 2018, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Mayfair Park, in Lakewood, California  This year the workshop will build on the successes of last years event and will include an expanded range of subject matter, an increased number of learning stations/tracts, a keynote speaker, and educational materials and a raffle.  The Symposium will again be held on Tuesday,prior to the start of the conference.

Based upon positive input and suggestions from our partners and sponsors at the last two events we have expanded and improved the partnership program to include more benefits an opportunities to interact with attendees and external marketing to give your organization recognition as a D&O partner/sponsor in providing quality educational activities and events throughout the year.

We have opportunities remaining for partners and sponsors to help facilitate our goals, and yours, through joint programming where our partners/sponsors will have the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products/services to our members in intimate settings and hands-on events offered within the context of the our annual events including the CPRS Conference and Expo and our successful annual Park Development and Operations Symposium on Tuesday, March 13.

Here’s How To Get Involved

The Development and Operations Section is looking for skilled and knowledgeable partners to be speakers and provide/host educational sessions/stations at the Annual Park Development and Operations Symposium. Vendors, Suppliers and Consultants serving the public park and recreation industry with products or services associated with the athletic field planning, design, construction and maintenance are encouraged to participate as a means to introduce themselves and their products and services to the Section membership.

Who’s the Audience

The Section represents professionals involved in the planning, design, construction and management of parks, public spaces and nature resource areas from over 285 agencies and organizations throughout the state. In the public sector these are the people who specify, purchase and contract for the materials and services that support the development and maintenance of the public buildings, facilities, parks and open spaces. In the private sector our members are consultants, contractors and vendors. In addition, the Development and Operations Section cooperative arrangement with the Sports Turf Managers Association means that professionals from  school districts, colleges and non profit organizations will be invited to be involved as well.

Expanding the format from 2016 event which was the recipient of the 2016 Education Achievement Award from the California Park and Recreation Association, last year’s workshop was at capacity with more than 100 professionals from 20 organizations were in attendance. The event received rave reviews from attendees.

What’s the Workshop Format

Speakers/Station Hosts will be given the opportunity to present themselves, members of their team or organization and introduce the products or services they provide in a subtle manner incorporated into their instructional section used as an educational resource within their instructional talk.

Each 25 minute to 40 minute station should be composed of a presentation which includes experiential learning and audience participation where possible. Included in the 25/40 minute station should be five minutes for discussion and questions/answers. Five minutes will be provided for moving between stations. Mayfair Park is feature rich and provides many different venue opportunities to demonstrate your product or service in either a field environment or an indoor classroom setting. The topic and content of the workshop must relate to one of the field maintenance topical areas identified or one that you submit for approval by the Development and Operations Workshop Committee. Final stations and timeframes will be determined based upon the number and quality of Learning Station proposals received.

For Further Information

Contact the event coordinator Raquel Zepeda Section Section President-Elect rzepeda@ci.glendora.ca.us or 626-852-4875 for further information or Koko Panossian Section Section VP of Operations kpanossian@glendaleca.gov or 818-546-2054. They are available to answer questions about workshop format and content or assist you with your organization’s participation as a event partner/sponsor.

Workshop Partner / Sponsor Kit

The toggle boxes below will provide you access to information and the forms and registration materials you will need to engage in a partnership with the Development and Operations Section for the upcoming Park Development and Operations Symposium.  Just click titles to see a brief description of the document or for and then click on the link insider to view and download materials.

It only takes a few minutes to complete and transmit the convenient electronic fill-in forms to complete your registration as a workshop partner or sponsor.  Be sure to review the Partner/Sponsor Checklist of the exact process to complete the registration process.


Partner Checklist

A helpful checklist (one page) to assist potential partners and sponsors in understanding the workshop opportunties and completing the application process to become a partner or sponsor.

Clic Here to view and download the workshop checklist.

Full Partnership / Sponsor Package

The full Partnership / Sponsorship package of materials (13 pages) includes everything you need Invitation Letter, Program Participant Checklist, Program Participant Application, Partnership Agreement, Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities Catalog, Station Host Guidelines and Expectations, Program Schedule and Station Line-up, Site Location Maps, Facility Layout and Event Flyers.

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Program Schedule

The most recent event schedule including information about move-in, program, meal and move-out times.

Click Here to view and down a copy of the Event Schedule.

Site Host Application

A electronic fill-in form (one page) to identify the learning station topic, station content, space and equipment needed by the  program each partner / sponsor.

Click Here to download and view the Site Host Program Application.

Site Host Guidelines

An overview of the guidelines and expectations ( two pages) associated with hosting a workshop station including workshop format, workshop topics, workshop location and logistics and proposal submittals.

Click Here to view and down a copy of the Host Guidelines.

Partnership Agreement Form

This simple electronic fill-in form (one page) is used to provide partner / sponsor contact information, identify type of partnership selected and make payment for the partnership commitment selected.  This form is required to complete a partnership/sponsorship arrangement.

Click Here to view and download a Partnership Agreement Form.

Partnership Levels / Sponsorship Catalog

The catalog (5 pages) of all the annual and event partnership opportunities and al-a-carte sponsorship opportunities available and specific benefits received for being a Section Partner or Sponsor. Click Here to view and download a Partnership / Sponsorship Opportunity Catalog.

Location Map

Street maps (two pages) showing the location of the workshop site relative to major highways and thoroughfares.  Map showing the location of the workshop within Mayfair Park.

Click Here to view and download a copy of the workshop location maps.

Facility Layout

Aerial photos of the Venues in Mahany Park for use in event planning and logistics.

Click Here to view and download a copy of the Symposium venue maps.

Credit Card Authorization Form

A form (one page) to allow the payment of partnership and sponsorship comments by credit card.  Form should not be transmitted to the Section Treasurer until the Treasurer provides a fax number for transmittal.

Click Here to view and download a credit card authorization form.

Workshop Flyer

Current flyers that are being used to promote the Symposium.

Click Here to view and download the workshop flyer.

Site Weather









This years Symposium will feature the new expanded format which we premiered last year,  It offers a wider variety of subject matter areas in effort to attracted an even greater number of attendees and to provide new opportunities for potential sponsors and partners not offered in previous workshops.A

Raquel Zepeda

President-Elect, CRPS Development and Operations Section


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